Skin, sweat & ‘backne’

Recently I volunteered to offer up some content for missactive and thought, what better than some tips on how to have great skin while staying active. But why oh why would a makeup artist be active??

Believe me when I say that in the makeup trade, we must stand and deliver beauty perfection for hours and hours without wavering or stopping; we must lug our ‘kits’ (including: high chair, ring light, makeup kit/trolley, hair styling suitcase, airbrush compressor etc.) around with us from location to location… It is e.x.h.a.u.s.t.i.n.g!

So being physically up to the challenges of the job definitely is important!

Even more important is the need to disconnect from everything and everyone else.

Reconnecting with ourselves by being active is a welcome release from the intensity of our work. The same can be said for so many roles or jobs we have in life from parenting, teaching, counselling etc.

Some of the downsides however include: sweat pimples, backne (back acne), sun damage and dry skin (which can lead to premature fine lines and ageing 😱).

These are all common skin symptoms I find in myself and in my fit and active clientele who have ranged from triathletes, life long runners and marathoners, swimmers, lifters, yogi, dancers, fighters, cross fitters, tough mudders…

Here are some super simple things we can do each and every day to keep these issues under control.

1. Eat your 5 & 2 – seriously! I don’t know many people who actually get in 5 serves of veggies and 2 serves of fruit a day, but committing to eating these minimum recommendations makes a tremendous difference to your skin and complexion.

2. Hydrate from within – I know it seems like the elixir to everything but drinking water is crucial to keeping our bodies hydrated and detoxed, including the integumentary system (our skin) being the largest system in our bodies!

3. Sunblock – use it! Sunblock should be applied to the delicate facial area daily. Relying on your makeup’s SPF is useless because unless your reapplying every 4 hours, it won’t be effective. Choose a sunblock which won’t clog your pores.

Side note: I will only mention brands which are professional or very high quality AND which I use myself. I am not sponsored by anybody! (Not saying I don’t want to be 🤣).

Personally most pharmacy and supermarket sunscreens eventually made me break out. Enter Dermalogica oil free matte SPF 30!

Not only does it protect my skin from the sun, it’s loaded with nourishing botanicals and sits under my makeup with no problems at all. I know it’s a pricier option, but considering that you should apply this product to your face every. Single. Day. Then the price variance is balanced by the importance of high quality ingredients which will nurture your skin for the long term.

4. C.T.M – Cleanse. Tone. Moisturise. Twice a day everyday! If you don’t already do this, then it may sound excessive, but believe me it. Is. Not.

You’ve got to make this a part of your daily routine by inserting it into things you already do, like cleansing your face while you take your shower.

Cleansing is important because it removes the surface layer of sweat and the bacteria which thrive in alkaline (or salty and sweaty) conditions, along with dirt, pollution and any left over makeup, to ensure that the skin’s fine pores don’t become clogged which can then escalated to a pimple.

Side note: While sweat itself isn’t bad or harmful for the skin, due to its salty alkaline nature, excessive sweat can change our skin’s natural acidity called the ‘acid mantel’ (our skin’s pH ranges from 4.5-6 making it acidic and not very hospitable to bacteria, viruses, fungi and other interlopers), in turn making it easier for bacteria to cause breakouts.

Toner is an excellent way to add subtle hydration to the skin and include targeted ingredients which return the skin to its acidic pH following your cleanse. I love using a toner with a subtle amount of salicylic acid to control breakouts and redness.

Lastly moisturise! Depending on your skin’s unique needs you may need more or less oil and/or water in you moisturiser and a good consultant or beauty therapist can help you figure that out.

I prefer an oil free moisturiser which is light and creamy for the day time, but for night I go with a more nourishing oil or serum.

My go to skin care for some time has been Paula’s Choice, a brand which has a cult following – the products actually work (and the prices are so ⬇️).

I pepper this with a few bits and pieces which I can’t seem to live without:

Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturiser – an oil free, non greasy, nourishing drink for the skin.

Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre 24 Hour Miracle Cream – for an extra bit of softening and nourishing, great for a night cream, when I’m feeling drier than usual like during the winter, or used under makeup (for a dewy look).

Hurraw Lip Gloss – to protect and nourish the delicate lip area.

Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair – O.M.G where do I begin with this product: brighten dark circles; slows down premature fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing, hydrating and keeping the delicate skin around the eye area supple; is a great under eye primer for before makeup; visibly makes a difference!

5. If scrubbing your skin post workout isn’t quite cutting it when it comes to controlling sweat pimples or backne then there are some fantastic Paula’s Choice body products which actually work!

Lastly, when trying to achieve a change in our bodies or training, it usually takes 12 weeks of dedicated conditioning in order to see any true, consistent and lasting changes and your skin is no different! Make a commitment to better skin today and reap the benefits by say, Summer 😂.

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