Not Another CC&B!

And what, you may ask is a ‘CC&B’? Cut Crease [eye design] & Block [eyebrow]- you know the look which has dominated social media for the past 4 years?

Like most social media crazes (like extreme contouring and oil pulling), we can thank the Kardashians for this one.

Makeup artists know this look well and it’s currently the most requested look from clients; it always gets the ‘likes’ on ‘the socials’ (social media); and for most makeup artists, this trend needs to hurry up and pass!

I’ve been described as transient:

‘a person who is staying or working in a place for a short time only.’

I know I’m not alone here, loads of creatives can probably relate to that description! So how is someone like me able to do the same job and love it for so long?

Simple answer: variety and job satisfaction!

For me this often means pouring my whole self into my artistic work by tapping into another part of myself and the uniqueness of either my client or a character I’m creating, and then expressing that on their own personal ‘icon’ – their face.

It’s a powerful and moving thing for me, not just another beauty makeup slapped on the face, but a place and time where I tap into something else. This may sound absurd to some, even self indulgent, but because of this experience each time I work, to this day, I still love doing makeup.

This is my art form and as the iconic pro Mua @thealexbox coined the phrase, it is #artfromtheheart

So how does it feel when so many clients, each new makeup student I meet and most of the attention on ‘the socials’ is focused on one look, rinse and repeat ‘CC&B’?

I first saw a CC&B done beautifully by a co-worker about 12 years ago, he was and still is an awesome drag performer and we were working in retail together on a makeup counter; he smashed out this look for a girl’s 21st and I still remember the Smokey chocolate brown blended up from the socket and the vivid sparkly dusky pink on the lid brought up to the crease, he’d custom made by mixing a shimmery pigment with a sealant – it was stunning!

I then did some research and realised that this look dates back at least to the black and white screens of the 20’s and was used to enhance actresses eyes.

Silent movie star, Mildred Davis. I spy a cut crease 🔪

This makeup trend, like all the trends was started by makeup artists – but what makes CC&B stand out, is how popular it’s become and how it has redefined the way the populous perceives how makeup ‘should’ look and what is beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong, all trends get their time in the light and shape the public perception of glamour and beauty, like the vintage looks of the past. Ten years ago I felt like if another client asked for another Smokey Eye, I might just cry 😂…

My point is 1 cookie cutter mould for makeup cannot suit everybody’s style or facial features and cannot define what is beautiful – and neither should it.

What I do love is that this trend has brought so many new people to makeup, to our beloved industry, to become makeup artists and spread their own beautiful art.

So to those of us who are truly over it I say: CC&B is just a trend and like all trends, it too shall pass!

To the devotees of CC&B I say: it’s worth knowing and experimenting with other styles, pushing the boundaries of your art and comfort zones, to find your own unique style and maybe stumble onto the next big trend.

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