Born Creative

Being creative seems to be a thing you’re born with and only a select few are blessed with this gift… but I call bull. Anyone can find their inner ‘creative’ and I’ll share the secret of how.

The Picasso Anecdote

The story goes that a young woman ran up to Picasso in a park and asked him to draw her something. He promptly drew her a beautiful piece of art on a bit of paper, handed it to her and said, “That’ll be $10,000”. Shocked she said, “But it only took you 30 seconds to draw!”, he rebutted with, “No, it’s taken me 30 years to draw this beautifully”…

The term ‘Being creative’ can mean so many things, like people who:

Do makeup

    Write well
    Are a Genius at science
    Capture perfect photos
    Make and decorate insta worthy cakes
    Draw, sculpt or paint beautifully

This list of gifted individuals with amazing skills could go on…But what if instead of focusing on the ‘creative’, we focus on the ‘being’ instead?

Inspiration is for Amateurs

So often (particularly being an educator) I hear, ‘I’m just not inspired’, or ‘I’m too busy’ and these are a total block for coming up with something creative. The reality is that being ‘inspired’ may happen once a year, decade or lifetime, so waiting around for that moment is kind of pointless. Don’t get me started on not having time, I feel and know this one well, the solution ? Schedule time.

For successful creatives the most interesting thing is that once they embarked on a creative path, their existing ‘inspired’ ideas usually get used up pretty quickly – and the really good stuff, comes after! They find that the more regularly they ‘do the work’ of ‘being’ in their creative zone, the better they get at it!

Fancy that, huh?

This seems too simple, but in a recent study which looked at Nobel Prize winners’ and compared when they commenced their careers to then they experienced any recognition in their chosen fields (art, science, writing etc.) the trend in all cases was that there were 10 or more years of work, coined the ‘10 years of silence’ prior to achieving any success.

Finding your inner ‘creative’ need not be impossible, unattainable or intimidating – you just need to do the work.

For me it almost feels like there’s a ball of yarn and within the ball there are ideas to tap into, I just have to tease out a thread from that ball and start unravelling – and follow that thread, keep unravelling that ball until the thread turns into a full blown idea – and then see that idea through, express it fully and completely.

The idea gains its own presence or identity – a creation – give your creation the permission to be: itself; imperfect; unique; to be bad; or to be good; amazing; whatever it is, don’t judge your creation too harshly, the main thing is that you ‘created’ it and you did the work!

The trick now is to do it again, and again…

Creative Makeup Play

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